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Stili e tendenze Intrattenimento
Sviluppatore Team Dyquem

Instead of real turky bones, i-WISHBONE could be used to wish something if you want to keep CLEAN YOUR FINGERS. :D

After your family enjoys a home-cooked turkey or whole chicken, have a little fun by carefully finding the wishbone and making a wish.

Step 1: Hold the bone
Hold the bottom of one of the bones your forefinger and thumb with one hand while your opponent grabs the other side.

Step 2: Count and wish
Close your eyes and, on the count of three, make your wish and pull the wishbone apart.

Step 3: Open eyes
Open your eyes and see who has the larger part of the wishbone. Whoever has the larger part of the wishbone has won and their wish will be granted.

You would stand out at a party!